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Welcome to the Bristol Police Department's website from Marshal Mike Swallow!  Feel free to browse around our website.  We will be updating the site frequently so be sure to come back and look for new information.  If you have questions that are not answered on the FAQ page, please send us an email or give us a call. 


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Any door-to-door salesperson in Bristol will have a solicitor's license, issued by the Town Clerk or the Marshal, which you should ask to see.  If they do not have a solicitor's license, please refer them to the Bristol Police Department and give us a call to let us know.  We do recommend that you always use caution when dealing with ANY door to door salesperson.  You do not have to open your door or let any sales people in.

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Traffic Enforcement: During the past month officers investigated a total of six vehicle crashes.  Five were property damage and one had injuries to driver and/or passengers.  The primary cause was speed too fast.  The secondary cause was failing to yield the right of way.  Please remember to continue to drive defensively and always wear safety restraints properly.  A reminder – children under 16 years of age, the driver is responsible to insure they are in proper safety restraints.  Children 8 years and under are to be in proper child safety seats.  If a child weighs 40+ pounds and can safely and properly wear lap and shoulder belts, this is also in accordance with Indiana Code 9-19-11-3.6.  As summer weather arrives, be cautious for our children walking, riding bikes, and playing outside.  Bicyclists – Remember you too must obey traffic laws and ride with traffic. 


Criminal enforcement: We have investigated 31 criminal cases this past month.  Six of those were closed by incarceration.  Six others have charges pending with two having multiple defendants.  Three arrests were for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol, another for Driving under the Influence of Drugs.  Officer Mosher and K-9 partner Max, assisted by other officers, made three arrests for possession of drugs and/or paraphernalia. 

Again this month officers were able to serve outstanding warrants through traffic enforcement efforts.    

Warning – Scam artists change their method of operation daily.  The newest is calling, posing as an IRS Investigator and demanding payment for past due taxes.  Please use caution and don’t fall prey to these scams.  No authorized unit will demand immediate payment over the phone of internet.  Always request that they send you a verifying letter or document.  Most calls are coming from 3rd world countries and there is no recourse against them.  Stay on your guard and be watchful of the scam artists.



Traffic Enforcement: Vehicles crashes were lower during this period. Remember to drive defensively and to always wear safety restraints.  Most police departments throughout the state are participating in the selective enforcement efforts.  Extra enforcement efforts are being directed to hazardous driver, impaired and safety restraint enforcement.  Our surveys show nearly a 98% compliance in seatbelt usage.  Congratulations and thank you, they save lives.  Please do not text and drive.  It is unsafe and illegal.


Criminal enforcement: During March we have investigated 30 cases.  These vary from property crimes, identity theft, domestic violence, auto theft, crime against people, and possession of drugs and paraphernalia to mention some.  We continue to do follow up investigations from on previous cases taken.  Most investigation initiate a lot of follow up investigations, interviews, and follow up on all leads in order to get prosecution.  Please remember to be on guard and to protect you and your property against would be criminals by scams and/or thefts. The scam being attempted currently is a call from persons saying they are the IRS and you need to pay an amount immediately or you will be in trouble.  This is a total scam.  The IRS does not call you. It will be done by US mail and then in person.  If you receive this type of call please report it to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 1.800.366.4484 or at



The police department and I would like to thank the community and all who supported our semi-annual fundraising breakfast.  This year monies raised went to Officer Mosher and his son who has had to go through several surgeries since birth.  Thank you to all.


The winner of the 50/50 drawing was Tom Morris.  The winner of the quilt made and donated by Carrie Martin was Sharon Harroff.


Safety Tips:

·         During the winter season, don’t leave your vehicle running to warm up unattended at your home or work place, sue to the fact that it becomes even easier for car thieves to prosper on opportunity.

·         Never supply any one with your personal information over the telephone or internet.  Never supply any one with your baking or credit information.  Scam artists also prosper on opportunity.

·         Area homeowners can also institute a neighborhood watch program as another crime prevention tactic.

·         Don’t leave any items of value on your property that can be viewed from the road.  Secure all of your property, such as lawn equipment etc. in a secure storage shed or garage.  Avoid using car ports as a means of security.

·         If you’re going away on vacation, other than notifying the ones you can trust, don’t advertise the fact that you’re going away.  Load your luggage at an off time of day and avoid securing luggage bins to the roof of your car until the day you are leaving.

·         Copy down serial and model numbers of all personal items of value in your home.  Save all store receipts for these items as well.  It is also a good idea to take video footage of the interior of the home, capturing footage of the valuable items as well.  Not only does this aid law enforcement if thefts occur, but it is a good idea for insurance purposes as well.  Keep a copy of the video for yourself and secure a second copy in a safety deposit box or by other secure means.

·         Secure all small items of value, such as electronics, personal files and jewelry in a vault that can be secured within the home.  A safe can be purchased fairly inexpensively and it should be bolted to the floor or wall studs out of view.  A save is a great investment, opposed to the alternative of falling victim to a theft during a burglary.

·         Equip your home with clearly visible numbers for your address so that it can be easily located by emergency personnel.  Also, let emergency dispatchers know if your home is accessed from another street.  The more information that’s provided cuts down the response time for your friends and loved ones to receive emergency aid.

·         Keep car keys beside your bed at night.  If you hear noise outside your home or someone trying to get in your house, push the panic button.

·         Reminder, keep your telephone or cell phone with you with 9-1-1 programmed in.


"Together We Can Make A Better Community"

The Amber Alert Plan is a cooperative effort between the Indiana radio and television stations and law enforcement agencies. The plan calls for law enforcement agencies to provide radio and television stations with an alert upon the immediate confirmation of a qualifying child abduction. All participating radio stations will break programming to broadcast the alert and subsequent information provided by law enforcement.


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