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Welcome to the Bristol Police Department's website from Marshal Mike Swallow!  Feel free to browse around our website.  We will be updating the site frequently so be sure to come back and look for new information.  If you have questions that are not answered on the FAQ page, please send us an email or give us a call. 


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Any door-to-door salesperson in Bristol will have a solicitor's license, issued by the Town Clerk or the Marshal, which you should ask to see.  If they do not have a solicitor's license, please refer them to the Bristol Police Department and give us a call to let us know.  We do recommend that you always use caution when dealing with ANY door to door salesperson.  You do not have to open your door or let any sales people in.

*We are looking for photographs of members of the police department in action.  If you may have pictures from one of our annual town events you would like to share with us, please email them to BRISTOLPD@BRISTOLPOLICE.ORG

**You can now report a crime using our online form HERE.  You can also fill out your Vacation Residential Information Report HERE. The Russ Hohman Scholarship is now on our links page.  To request the assistance of the Bristol Police Department for your special event, use the following form:                                   Special Event Assistance Request


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Traffic Enforcement: During the past month officers investigated a total of six vehicle crashes.  Five were property damage and one had injuries to driver and/or passengers.  The primary cause was speed too fast.  The secondary cause was failing to yield the right of way.  Please remember to continue to drive defensively and always wear safety restraints properly.  A reminder – children under 16 years of age, the driver is responsible to insure they are in proper safety restraints.  Children 8 years and under are to be in proper child safety seats.  If a child weighs 40+ pounds and can safely and properly wear lap and shoulder belts, this is also in accordance with Indiana Code 9-19-11-3.6.  As summer weather arrives, be cautious for our children walking, riding bikes, and playing outside.  Bicyclists – Remember you too must obey traffic laws and ride with traffic. 


Criminal enforcement: We have investigated 31 criminal cases this past month.  Six of those were closed by incarceration.  Six others have charges pending with two having multiple defendants.  Three arrests were for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol, another for Driving under the Influence of Drugs.  Officer Mosher and K-9 partner Max, assisted by other officers, made three arrests for possession of drugs and/or paraphernalia. 

Again this month officers were able to serve outstanding warrants through traffic enforcement efforts.    

Warning – Scam artists change their method of operation daily.  The newest is calling, posing as an IRS Investigator and demanding payment for past due taxes.  Please use caution and don’t fall prey to these scams.  No authorized unit will demand immediate payment over the phone of internet.  Always request that they send you a verifying letter or document.  Most calls are coming from 3rd world countries and there is no recourse against them.  Stay on your guard and be watchful of the scam artists.



Public Relations and Activities:

We are planning a training class on the required pre-basic course in late June or early July for Reserve Officers and Mounted Officers.  Anyone interested in applying, please visit for more information.


May 31st we conducted training for EVO, stops and firearms.  This year’s training will be involving an active shooter or shooters using air soft weapons making this training very real to life.


There was a bicycle rodeo June 7th.  Helmets were provided to those who did not have one.  Corporal Garner and Chief Deputy Albin set up a safety course and instructed those on bicycle safety.


Our Mounted Unit will again assist at the Annual Black Squirrel Fireworks display on Sunday July 6, 2014. 


We are preparing for our Annual Homecoming Festival on July 10, 11, and 12, 2014.

"Together We Can Make A Better Community"

The Amber Alert Plan is a cooperative effort between the Indiana radio and television stations and law enforcement agencies. The plan calls for law enforcement agencies to provide radio and television stations with an alert upon the immediate confirmation of a qualifying child abduction. All participating radio stations will break programming to broadcast the alert and subsequent information provided by law enforcement.


  • Interested in becoming a Police Officer in Bristol? Please complete our Applicationand Questionnaire for consideration.  Both will need to be filled out and turned in for your application to be considered complete.
  • We are taking applications for our Mounted Officer (Posse) program.  Interested persons should fill out an application and questionnaire.