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Welcome to the Bristol Police Department's website from Marshal Mike Swallow!  Feel free to browse around our website.  We will be updating the site frequently so be sure to come back and look for new information.  If you have questions that are not answered on the FAQ page, please send us an email or give us a call. 


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Any door-to-door salesperson in Bristol will have a solicitor's license, issued by the Town Clerk or the Marshal, which you should ask to see.  If they do not have a solicitor's license, please refer them to the Bristol Police Department and give us a call to let us know.  We do recommend that you always use caution when dealing with ANY door to door salesperson.  You do not have to open your door or let any sales people in.

*We are looking for photographs of members of the police department in action.  If you may have pictures from one of our annual town events you would like to share with us, please email them to BRISTOLPD@BRISTOLPOLICE.ORG

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Criminal enforcement: In 2013 we had 402 case reports.  Our year started with one business and three residences being broken into.  As soon as our investigation started, the burglaries stopped. No arrests have been made but the investigation is still ongoing as we work with other agencies gathering and sharing information.  Our next cases in totals were CHINS (Child in of services).  These are normally worked with the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS).  Domestic cases were next in amounts followed by thefts.  Identity thefts and fraud are a continuous problem.  Public awareness is the best defense for these crimes.  Always know who you are giving information to and be extremely guarded with pertinent information.  Officer Mosher and K-9 partner Max continue to train.  They have assisted other agencies with searches and we have had twelve possessions of various drugs and marijuana during this year initiated by our officers.  Officers made 31 alcohol and OWI arrests.  They also made 24 jailable license offences such as driving while license suspended prior and driving while never licensed or habitual traffic offender which is an A Felony..  In August we had an armed robbery at one of our banks.  This investigation was lead by Chief Deputy Albin.  He, with the assistance of the FBI, has one of the offenders in custody with the investigation continuing.  Chief Deputy Albin once again has done a thorough investigation as do all our officers.


Traffic Enforcement:  Traffic has continued to increase as our industrial base continues to grow.  The added movement of oversize loads coming through town Monday through Friday during the daytime hours add to the congestion.  We hope that the new road being constructed at the south edge of town between Maple Street and SR 15 (South Division Street) will alleviate some congestion.  This also as well as growth on the North side of town off SR 15N (Mottville Road) is not only increasing our industrial base but also the size of our community.  With this please note our vehicle crashes have increased.  We continue to ask everyone to please drive defensively.  Be aware of your surrounds, the weather conditions and always remember to wear your safety restraint properly.  They do save lives and reduce injuries.


Public Relations and Activities:

This year we were able to do many community events.  These would not be possible without the wonderful support of our community and our annual calendar fundraisers.  The many donations also enable us to do such things as bicycle rodeo and safety programs, led by Corporal Garner, school resource officer Chief Deputy Albin, pay it forward assisted by Marshal Swallow and Corporal Garner, town fall party and trick or treat led by Sergeant Lynch and Corporal Garner, and our Christmas for Bristol Kids, just to mention some of the events.  None of these could be possible without the dedication and devotion of our police officers, reserves, mounted unit, our town board and all the town employees, and the community.  Thank you to all for allowing me to have the opportunity to serve and be a part of our community.  Always remember that together we do make a better community.  Happy New Year to all from all of the Bristol Police Department members.  Our officers hold multiple certifications as instructors of the many state required certification courses.  Chief Deputy Albin, Officers Mosher and Dernay, all hold the various certifications as firearms instructors, keeping our officers, as well as other agencies, qualified in the many required proficiency courses.

"Together We Can Make A Better Community"

The Amber Alert Plan is a cooperative effort between the Indiana radio and television stations and law enforcement agencies. The plan calls for law enforcement agencies to provide radio and television stations with an alert upon the immediate confirmation of a qualifying child abduction. All participating radio stations will break programming to broadcast the alert and subsequent information provided by law enforcement.


  • Interested in becoming a Police Officer in Bristol? Please complete our Applicationand Questionnaire for consideration.  Both will need to be filled out and turned in for your application to be considered complete.
  • We are taking applications for our Mounted Officer (Posse) program.  Interested persons should fill out an application and questionnaire.